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UW WSU Puget Sound Partnership Permeable Pavement LID Workshop Series
Common Design and Construction Considerations (1.3Mb)
Inspection and Verification (1Mb)
Operations and Maintenance (2Mb)
Kathy Gwilym
Puyallup, WA, Spring 2011

Green Pavement Alternatives (2.5Mb)
Kathryn Gwilym
APWA Green Pavement Alternatives Webinar, June 2010

(Re)generating City Streets (13Mb)
Todd Mead, CIVITAS; Steve Durrant, Alta Planning + Design; Tom von Schrader, SvR Design
Spring Conference, APWA - Missouri, April 2010

Utilizing Bio-Retention and Permeable Pavements in the Landscape (4Mb)
Kathryn Gwilym
Washington Turf and Landscape Show Environmental Sustainability Seminar, December 2009

Planning and Design: Applied LID Techniques - Redevelopments, Housing, Mixed Use, Infrastructure (3.5Mb)
High Point Case Study 2000 - 2008 (3.5Mb)
Peg Staeheli
2009 Growing Smarter Speaker Series, Montgomery County Planning Department, March 2009

High Point Case Study (3Mb)
Peg Staeheli with Tracy Tackett (SPU) and Tom Phillips (SHA)
ASCE 2008 International Low Impact Development Conference, November 2008

Walking Tour Guides

High Point Walking Tour (1Mb)

Thorton Creek Water Quality Channel Walking Tour (1.3Mb)

Technical Resources

City of Bellevue Natural Drainage Practices Maintenance Guidelines (2Mb)

Thorton Creek Water Quality Channel O+M Manual (5.5Mb)

Low-Impact Development/Natural Drainage
High Point Community Natural Drainage and Landscape Maintenance Guidelines (1.5Mb)
High Point Maintenance Guidelines - Included Maps (1.5Mb)
How High Point Works diagram:
-- English (0.5Mb JPG)
-- Spanish (en espanol) (JPG 1.5Mb; PDF 0.3 Mb)
-- Danish (på dansk) (1.4Mb)
-- Japanese (JPG 1Mb; PDF 1.5Mb)

High Point Natural Drainage Technical Standards (Green Stormwater Infrastructure - GSI) (4Mb)
High Point By The Numbers (0.5Mb)

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Visions of Urban Sustainability

Way to Go, Seattle! – Methods to Increase Walking, Biking, Transit Use and Carpooling



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