Designing with Turenscape in Minneapolis

Turenscape Team Minneapolis Site Visit - 11/27/2010 from SvR Design Company on Vimeo.

Last week was the official site visit for all of the teams competing in the Minneapolis Riverfront Design Competition, and we were excited to be part of the Turenscape Team, one of four finalists for the competition.

Tom, Nate and Lisa explored the area last week, arriving on Saturday, November 27 to meet up with Turenscape and the rest of the team for the Minneapolis Riverfront Design Competition site visit and competition kick off. The Turenscape Team decided to fly in a couple days early to extend the teams' visit out to five very full days of trekking up and down the river on both sides seeing it in weather conditions ranging from sun to snowfall. During these days, we also attended presentations, gatherings and a neighborhood meeting.

When the team wasn't bundled up for site exploration, learning about the project or visiting with the public, everyone gathered for collaboration sessions in about as perfect of a location as any team could possibly find: the top of the Mill City Museum in the office of MS&R Architects, which overlooked the river and the stone arch bridge.

Turenscape Team in Minneapolis, collaborating at MS&R Architects

SvR's Nate Cormier talking about the site with the team

Upon conclusion of the visit to Minneapolis and after visiting every inch of the site - many areas multiple times - the core team flew to Seattle Wednesday night to reconvene in our office for two more days of designing, strategizing and brainstorming. Below are a few photos from the Seattle design sessions. Our next steps will be to continue our collaboration via the internet to develop our final  competition submission on January 21st.

The team gathers in the conference room for Kongjian Yu's design presentation

Kongjian Yu and Nate Cormier discussing the design concept

Team members gathered around to discuss the design concept

For more information on the entire team and to follow along as the team progresses through the competition, visit the Turenscape Team website: and follow on Twitter.