21st Street in Paso Robles, CA Recommended for $1M Grant

California's Strategic Growth Council has recommended that 21st Street in Paso Robles, CA receive nearly $1 million in funds to retrofit the streetscape so that it becomes a model of sustainable infrastructure.

21st  Street is one of the four railroad crossings in Paso Robles, and is a major pedestrian connection between the residential neighborhood, schools and the parks. The critical design informant for our work on this street has been the presence of Mountain Springs Creek that currently runs below the street in a pipe. During heavy storms, creek boulders literally burst out of the pipes and into the street, requiring significant clean up.

Working with E2 Inc., our proposed design daylights a portion of the stream, by creating a robust, vegetated channel that can accommodate 150 CFS of flow. Careful not to damage the creek with oil and heavy metals, we've proposed three different street cross-sections along the corridor so that we keep stream and stormwater flows separated. Since we are using native plants, over time a restored ecological program will take root, and this streetscape that will improve mobility, increase social capital and amplifye ecosystem services for the residents of the city.

The Strategic Growth Council will make the final decision on December 3. Good luck Paso Robles!