"For a place to be walkable it has to be safe from the $&@* cars."

A new documentary 6-episode web series called American Makeover has posted it's first episode online.  Brought to us by the University of Norte Dame School of Architecture, PlacemakersGreen Party Kits with additional support from the Fund for the Environment and Urban Life and the Congress for New Urbanism. The first 10-minute segment is online and talks about the Atlanta Metropolitan region (or Sprawlanta as they call it). In the home of the Centers for Disease Control, we learn that:

  • the average commute distance is 66 miles
  • pedestrians regularly cross 8-lane highways without a crosswalk,
  • you can lose ten pounds by moving into a walkable community, and
  • an average of three pedestrians are hit by cars every week.

It's a good episode and we hope to see more from them.

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.