UW-ASLA Mentorship Program Kickoff Program

SvR was a proud sponsor of the mentorship program for the University of Washington Chapter of the American Society Of Landscape Architects.

The program just recently had its kickoff social for the academic year, bringing mentors and mentees together for drinks, snacks, and a 30 minute design-build competition to construct an egg-protection craft out of random studio scraps. Then, amidst distinguished judges, presentations, and much drama, each craft (with raw egg inside) was launched from the Gould stairwell from 12' up. Teams were judged for function, aesthetics, and presentation!

SvR's David was busy imparting wisdom upon his mentees, Ivan and Kasia, while George and his mentees, Gina and Zhehao, created a incredibly amazing and innovative, yet ultimately not-so-functional egg craft. A lot of fun was had, and the students sent us this great thank you card and postcard. Thanks guys!


If you are interested in becoming a mentor too, here is the letter from the chapter describing the program:

UW Chapter, The American Society Of Landscape Architects

A warm hello to recent grads, and apologies for the unsolicited email. We hope you are doing well out there in the real world.

Well, we are ramping up the UW-ASLA mentorship program again this year and wanted to reach out to all of you who we know have so much wisdom to offer current students about moving from academic life into professional. 

The basic commitments for being a mentor are 2-3 hour a month as organized by you and your mentored student. Some activities you could do together are: an office tour, a site visit (a project you are currently working on), desk critiques, help building a portfolio, attendance at reviews, etc. 

If this is something you would be interested in, please fill out a short google form.

If you have any further questions, please email us at either:

Roxanne Lee ( or Ivan Heitmann (


Bell Street Park Art + Activation Plan: First Open House


With the recently renovated Bell Street Park, between First and Fifth Avenues, the community is excited to activate the space and make it their own. There were several successful events this summer, among them the Out to Lunch Series and Belltown Crush Party, and the community would like to see more. The next task is to identify ways in which users of the Park would like to see the streetscape enlivened and used to its full capabilities through inspired programming, art interventions and events.

Stakeholders kicked off this project with the first of three open houses at the Belltown Community Center on Monday evening, with cheese and wine and a lot of great ideas from members of the community! Jane Savard (Project Manager, Friends of Bell Street Park) introduced the stakeholders and welcomed everyone, and Nate Cormier (Principal in Charge, SvR) and Amanda Bailey (Project Manger, SvR) described the street/park design and engaged a dialogue about the process of gathering input via idea boards, a map of Bell Street Park, and comment cards to catch ideas in a variety of formats. There was a high level of energy and positive attitudes as ideas were pondered and shared around the room! Thanks to all who contributed!

If you would like to provide ideas or keep tabs on the progress of this project, you can go to the Friends of Bell Street Park website:

Peg Staeheli Joins LAF Board

SvR is pleased to announce that Peg Staeheli, ASLA, PLA will be joining the board of the Landscape Architecture Foundation (LAF), a Washington, DC based non-profit whose mission is to support the preservation, improvement and enhancement of the environment. Peg’s appointment continues SvR’s involvement with LAF, where Nate Cormier had served for the previous four years.

Peg’s leadership in site design, green stormwater infrastructure and quality community spaces as well as her passionate advocacy for well-maintained urban forests aligns well with the Foundation’s investments in research and scholarship to increase our collective capacity to achieve sustainability. “What LAF does so powerfully,” Staeheli notes, “is tell the profound story of landscape complexity in a way that is easily digestible and relatable to our everyday experience of the urban environment.”

SvR has previously worked with the Foundation to share the story of the Thornton Creek Water Quality Channel through the Landscape Performance Series.

About The Landscape Architecture Foundation

Founded nearly 50 years ago, LAF has been the nexus of inquiry and innovation for the landscape architecture profession. Today, the mission to support the preservation, improvement and enhancement of the environment has never been more resonant. As the world’s population becomes increasingly urban and demands on natural resources more acute, landscape architects play an essential role in solving the complex, interrelated environmental, economic, and social problems we face today.

Through its leadership and philanthropic activities, LAF continues to advance the body of knowledge and support innovative projects and initiatives needed not only for the landscape architecture profession, but for the many professionals and advocates who share LAF’s mission and are critical to its success.

Research. Advancing our applied research in methods and metrics for landscape performance.

Scholarship. Supporting outstanding students to cultivate the next generation of sustainability leaders.

Leadership. Strengthening the profession to meet the challenges of tomorrow.