The Twinklin' Rock 'n Read Eames Chair

Good job, team! I can’t remember who won, but I am pretty sure the Twinlkin’ Rock ‘n’ Read got the third highest price. That’s podium, people! And, the chair looked really super, worked well and got lots of positive feedback. Thanks to George for throwing in the last efforts on getting the board together.


SvR just completed a charity fundraiser for Sawhorse Revolution through an Eames Chair redesign competition participated in by around 10 firms in Seattle. Herman Miller sponsored and organized the competition, thanks! Auction and closing party were at the Seattle Design Festival’s closing party at DLR group downtown!


Our chair included the following redesign components:

 1.       Easy access foldable bookshelf.

2.       Custom multi-layer cushion.

3.       Adjustable reading light

4.       Portable USB battery bank for reading light and charging electronics.

5.       Twinkling LEDs on rockers, powered by piezoelectric transducers embedded in rockers.


Text from our competition board:


 Take the Twinklin’ Rock ‘n’ Read anywhere you please for comfortable, well-lit and lovely reading. But there’s more. iPad low battery? Plug it into the arm of your Twinklin’ Rock ‘n’ Read. Off the grid cabin? Covered! And when the sun goes down, you’re in for a cosmic surprise. Piezoelectric transducers (that’s not a dance move) create a never-ending twinkling star show on the rocker rails. For your tush, the cushion is filled with light weight neoprene, non-condensing foam, and a light as air down top layer—sit comfortably till the sun comes up. When you’re done with one book, the nesting, adjustable book shelf is holding your next good read. Go on, reach back and see what is waiting for you. Now, bid high on this chair, and support young people as they shoot for the stars and learn to become craftspeople of the future.

Bye Bye Brook!

Brook, near the center, pulling off his best CEO impersonation.

In June, we invited Brook Negussie to intern with us. Brook had recently graduated from Global Connections High School at Tyee Educational Complex in SeaTac, Washington. He is an avid cyclist, participating in three consecutive Seattle-to-Portland rides through Cascade Bicycle Club's Major Taylor Program,  and has an unwavering interest in engineering. (If you attended Cascade's Bike to Work Breakfast, then you may remember the awesome speech Brook gave.)

His first day he blew us all way; dressed to the nines in formal business attire, he stood out like a beacon among our jeans and t-shirt clad group. His dapper wardrobe was just the first layer of presentation; he wore a constant smile and had a ‘good morning’ ready for everyone he saw. He worked hard and was willing to learn whatever you were willing to teach him. He approached tasks with determination and a skip in his step.

His internship ended this month. As a farewell there was a ping pong tournament, we had pizza and everyone dressed to impress. Much improved from our normal office attire, Brook inspired us.

As he starts fall quarter at the University of Washington, among his peers, we wish him all the best in his day to day endeavors and the adventures that lay ahead.

May your Windsor knot continue to be perfectly presented and that skip stay in your step.

First Look: Hing Hay Park


Over the last several months, we've been collaborating with Kongjian Yu and his Beijing-based firm, Turenscape, on the design of an expanded Hing Hay Park in Seattle's Chinatown-International District. Last night, the final conceptual design was shared with the public, which you can see here. Over the coming months, we'll be developing the design and securing permits for construction in late 2014.