Seattle's Alleys Getting a Face-lift
The Seattle Times, July 2015 

Trees and Sidewalks Operations Plan
Seattle Department of Transportation, March 2015 

Designing Streets as Environmental and Economic Assets
Nathan Polanski, Transportation Research Board 94th Annual Meeting 2015

2014 Green Innovation Award from the Central Coast Chapter of the US Green Building Council (USGC-C4) 
21st Street, Paso Robles, CA
view project

Kitsap County Green Streets Plan 
December 2014

Bell Street Park Presentation
Nate Cormier, ASLA Denver & NACTO San Francisco Conferences 2014

Bell Street Park Walking Tour
April 2015
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Roles of City Streets: Where Place Meets Infrastructure  
Peg Staeheli, Bellingham Sustainable Design & Development, November 2014

Active Alleys  
Brice Maryman, WA APA October 17, 2014

Schuster Parkway Promenade Conceptual Design Report 
October 2013

Winslow Way Street Reconstruction  
Nathan Polanski, Revitalize Washington, May 8, 2014
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(Re)generating City Streets
Todd Mead, CIVITAS; Steve Durrant, Alta Planning + Design; Tom von Schrader, SvR Design
Spring Conference, APWA - Missouri, April 2010

Living Streets: Strategies for Crafting Public Space
Book Published March 2012 
Wiley Publishing; Authors: Leslie Bain; Barbara Gray; Contributing Author: Dave Rodgers, SvR Design


Implementing Vision 2040: Sustainable Stormwater Management | Innovative Practices in the Puget Sound Region
Peg Staeheli, Amalia Leighton, Kathryn Gwilym, Washington Department of Commerce 2014

Low Impact Development + Green Stormwater Infrastructure Tour of Seattle
Updated Fall 2014

UW WSU Puget Sound Partnership Permeable Pavement LID Workshop Series
Common Design and Construction Considerations
Inspection and Verification 
Operations and Maintenance 
Kathy Gwilym and Lolly Kunkler, UW WSU Puget Sound Partnership Permeable Pavement LID Workshop Series 3 Presentations, Fall 2014

City of Bellevue Natural Drainage Practices Maintenance Guidelines 
May 2009


Planning and Design: Applied LID Techniques - Redevelopments, Housing, Mixed Use, Infrastructure 
Peg Staeheli 2009

High Point Case Study 2000 - 2008 
Peg Staeheli, Growing Smarter Speaker Series, Montgomery County Planning Department, March 2009

High Point Community Natural Drainage and Landscape Maintenance Guidelines 
June 2010

High Point Maintenance Overview Maps 
High Point Natural Drainage Technical Standards (Green Stormwater Infrastructure - GSI) 
High Point By The Numbers 

High Point Walking Tour 
How High Point Works Diagrams
-- English 
-- Spanish (en espanol)
-- Danish (på dansk)
-- Japanese 


Valley Cuts Ribbon on New Appleway Trail  
The Spokesman, July 2015

New Adventures in Urban Play  
Brice Maryman, WASLA/WRPA Conference - April 11, 2014
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Denmark|Seattle: The Fingerplan, Biking in Copenhagen, and Nordhavn
SvR Danish Interns: Maxim Soudani and Ida B. Løvenkjær
University of Washington Landscape Architecture Department, October 2014

Adopted Seattle Bike Master Plan
Seattle Bike Master Plan Website
Consultant Team Members: Dave Rodgers & Amalia Leighton, SvR Design -
April 2014

Developing Paths and Trails in Washington 
Cynthia Welti, Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust; Kirk Harris, Fall City Metropolitan Park District; Dave Rodgers, SvR Design
Washington APA Planning Law Conference - Bellevue, WA, May 2013

University of Washington Burke Gilman Trail Corridor Study Presentation 
March 2011
University of Washington Burke Gilman Trail Corridor Study
July 2011

Thornton Creek Water Quality Channel O+M Manual 
Thornton Creek Water Quality Channel Walking Tour 
June 2009
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