Growing Vine Street | Seattle, WA

SvR Design Company was founded in 1989 with a mission of providing innovation in the built environment. We are an integrated design firm that blurs the boundaries between landscape architecture, civil engineering, planning and applied ecology. This alloyed foundation gives our 30+ professionals a unique perspective on the public realm and a team-first spirit that guides our relationships with clients, collaborators and communities.  

Creating a more sustainable built environment is a  complex enterprise, requiring both the cartographer's broad perspective and the geologist's intense focus. For more than 25 years, SvR has provided clients with rich, elegant solutions to urban environmental challenges through an interdisciplinary team that scans the surface and dives deep. Because of this breadth and depth of knowledge, our clients have sought us out to provide feasibility analyses, strategic plans and policies, operational plans, conceptual designs and visualizations, maintenance manuals, as well as plans, specifications and estimates (PS&Es) on projects that range from multi-phased urban development and complex district infrastructure to playful public spaces and streetscapes.

Our decades of experience implementing, monitoring and learning from high performance landscapes have gained us a deep understanding of how to design for long-term maintenance and practical stewardship. At the same time, our encounters with creative people and resilient natural systems makes us optimistic about the power of design to steadily improve the communities where we work.

Our core values are:

1. Embrace complexity. The challenges facing the contemporary built environment demand an enthusiastic embrace of complexity. By addressing a multiplicity of demands in elegant solutions, we go beyond problem solving to create holistic and resonant places. 

2. Cross-pollinate disciplines. In nature, hybridization leads to vitality and resilience. We believe that the same applies to design practice. Our landscape architects, civil engineers, planners and ecologists seek out cross-disciplinary collaboration to facilitate rapid understanding and do meaningful work.

3. Engage with communities and ecosystems. We work with communities to actively listen to their concerns and aspirations.  We also dive deep into each place's ecological context and history. With this knowledge, we develop designs for the built environment that respect and nurture a community’s intrinsic natural and cultural assets.

4. Design for durability and value. We constantly strive for solutions that provide enduring value to our clients, collaborators and communities. From initial concepts through PS&Es, we are focused on how places can be effectively cared for over the long haul.