Owner: Seattle Department of Transportation
MIG|SvR Role: Civil Engineering, Landscape Architecture
Date: 2013-ongoing

MIG|SvR was selected by the International Sustainability Institute to re-design two historic alleys in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. The central challenge was to create an historically appropriate design that respected the historic district’s design standards, accommodate the many uses of urban alleys and propel the alleys’ role as community gathering spaces with frequent public events. The final design integrates new unit pavers with salvaged historic unit pavers to create a paving pattern that—like the Richardsonian Romanesque buildings surrounding them—blends stone and brick to create a compelling visual identity that can be adapted to a variety of conditions. Following this work, the Pioneer Square Preservation Board approved an alley design manual using MIG|SvR’s design as the template for all future alley improvements throughout Pioneer Square. 

MIG|SvR’s design process involved workshops with stakeholders and the public as well as an innovative “nightseeing” workshop to analyze and develop innovative illumination strategies for evening activation.  

Here is a link to the Pioneer Square Alleys Design Manual, created October 2015.


The two perspective images produced by Olson Kundig Architects.

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