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City of Fife Low Impact Development Ordinance

City of Fife Low Impact Development Ordinance
Fife, WA

SvR prepared the new Low Impact Development (LID) ordinance for the City of Fife that changes how stormwater infrastructure is designed and managed. The adopted code requires LID techniques to be integrated into street, park, stormwater facility, and private development projects.

The ordinance assists in reducing stormwater runoff flowing into the Puyallup River, Hylebos Creek, Wapato Creek, and Puget Sound, will treat pollutants from stormwater runoff, and encourage the preservation and expansion of planted areas within Fife. The code also establishes a Fife Green Factor and standard details for LID facilities in the right-of-way including bioswales, porous pavements, and rain gardens.

City of Fife Green Factor Worksheet (click here for Fife's forms website)

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