Weekly Reading: December 14, 2013

Want to see the world’s oldest trees in a beautiful infographic? We knew you did. Stunning work by Michael Paukner, which had us thinking: poor Africa.

The Congress for the New Urbanism has published a beautifully presented pamphlet outlining seven Sustainable Street Network Principles.

Dave's an author! Check out Living Streets: Strategies for Crafting Public Space, which our own Dave Rodgers helped write with Lesley Bain  and Barbara Gray.

Over at Reconnecting America, they’ve released a report called “Are We There Yet? Creating Complete Communities for a 21st Century America” Hint: the answer is no.

The EPA released a great new report bolstering the case for smart growth as a superior economic development model called Smart Growth and Economic Success.

The guy from The Graduate was right: the future is plastic. Vancouver is finding a way to recycle plastic in it’s streets.

We’re still ogling the beautiful green wall over at UW and how cool it is to have movable panels to test/play with. David from our office helped design it and it's a stunner.

Some of the folks in the office are investigating using standing desks. Well, for $22 and a trip to IKEA, here’s a nifty little hack that can get you a very affordable standing desk without shelling out $800.

Fascinating data coming out from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows lower traffic deaths, but higher ped/bike fatalities.

Boston City Hall “To Go” brings municipal services to the people!

We’re curious to see the transportation package that Governor Gregoire rolls out next week. Seattle Transit Blog shares their initial take here and here.

Finally, coal exports came to Seattle this week, and it caused a ruckus. Want to know what all the fuss was about? Sightline has a series that will bring you up to speed.