The Justice Center Green Roof - 8 Years Later

At the Justice Center Roof for the Seattle Green Roof Tour - July 30, 2010 Last Friday, Seattle Public Utilities and the Department of Planning and Development led a green roof tour that hit five roofs within the city spanning from the downtown core to the Seattle Center. The first stop on the tour was one that we had worked on almost a decade ago: the Justice Center Green Roof where our own Melanie Davies spoke to the group about the project in conjunction with Peter Jeu who has provided the maintenance for the roof since the system was installed and planted in the fall of 2002.

Melanie Davis, center in the jacket, at the Justice Center Green Roof during the Seattle Green Roof Tour

The support system is from American Hydrotech and consists of a 6" profile including insulation, an "egg crate" style drainage/moisture retention layer and a custom soil mix over a multi-layered waterproofing membrane. The planting design by SvR was guided by an image of sunlight reflected in a shallow streambed, much like that of the water feature connecting the Justice Center with the City Hall. The pattern shows through in wavy swaths of greens, blues, and grays.

The Justice Center Green Roof - the length of the vegetated area

Justice Center Green Roof - planting close up

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