Weekly Reading: Spring Arts In the City

This week we're focusing on art in the City and the ways that artists and institutions are hacking and re-interpreting urban spaces. Enjoy! We suggest watching these videos in HD Full Screen.

Jay Shells has been bringing those highly-localized rap lyrics and pasting them onto street signs. Check out the gallery and video here.

We were happily reminded of the serendipitous joys of transit with this perfect spring-time encounter in Copenhagen's Metro.

And here's a busking experience that will blow you away.

Leo Villareal has installed The Bay Lights in celebration of the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge. Check out the project's video below.  

And locally, in fact just around the corner from us, Doug Aitken's MIRROR went live at the Seattle Art Museum last Sunday. We have to admit a deep affinity for anything described as an "urban earthwork." See Aitken's description of the piece here.

Finally, The Onion goes deep on the issues that matter most with its Special Report: Its Pretty Incredible Americans Entrusted with Driving Cars.