The Not-So-Wide-Street: Varenna

Al Castello di Vezio - the main street through the village of Vezio is about the width of two people This second installment of the occasional Not-So-Wide-Street series goes high above Varenna, Italy to the small village of Vezio which sits perched in the mountains, overlooking Lake Como with breathtaking views. The cobble-lined streets are entirely for pedestrians and wind through the village almost like a maze. The ancient town is still inhabited today by approximately 20 families who enjoy life without motorized vehicles.

The image above provides a little scale as to just how not-so-wide this pedestrian way is, a width that seems even more narrow due to the tall buildings, and a few images below provide more views of the main street leading up to and passing through the village.

The cobble-lined street leading to the village of Vezio

Main staircase leading up into the heart of Vezio

Winding through the small mountaintop village