How High Point Works in Japanese

We've rolled out yet another translation of our How High Point Works diagram, thanks this time to our illustrious civil engineer Sakaru Tsuchiya. Some green infrastructure elements, such as pervious pavements are fairly common in Japan, yet others such as bioretention systems are much less common, according to Mr. Tsuchiya. While undoubtedly the extremely dense development in many areas of the country creates a challenge for the use of green stormwater infrastructure, we hope that this translation can help explain techniques that we have used in the US and inspire new and innovative solutions abroad. How High Point Works - Japanese version

Click the image above for the Japanese version of How High Point Works (or here for that graphic as a PDF). Other translations of the graphic include Spanish and Danish, as well as the original in English of course. Check out our Resources page for additional graphics, presentation, and links related to green stormwater infrastructure and sustainable design and development.

How High Point Works - En Español

Our popular diagram How High Point Works, depicting elements of the natural drainage system (aka green stormwater infrastructure or GSI) at Seattle's High Point community has now been translated to Spanish, thanks to our multilingual senior señor civil engineer Greg Giraldo. It is available both as a PDF as well as a JPG image. How High Point Works en espanol


Nuestro diagrama favorito "Como Funciona el Desagüe Natural de High Point," demostrando elementos del alcantarillado natural en la comunidad de High Point en Seattle, ahora se ha traducido al español gracias a nuestro ingeniero civil mayor multilingüe Greg Giraldo. Está disponible en formato PDF así como en JPG.

We are hoping to produce other translations soon... including Japanese and possibly Danish!