Final Call: A/E Bike-to-Work Challenge

The Golden Helmet could be yours. Bike to Work Month is just around the corner and SvR is hosting the design firm Commute Challenge for the A/E industry. If your firm has riders interested in some friendly competition and a chance to get their hands on the coveted Golden Helmet please contact Jessica Strain at Firm and rider details are required by the 29th of this month to be included. New faces (and firms) are always welcome!!

A&E Commute Challenge: Bringing the Golden Helmet Home!

During the month of May the Cascade Bicycle Club and Group Health host a Commute Challenge for cyclist and bike friendly folks. It's an awesome program that helps get us all back in the saddle just as the summer season gets in gear.

For the past several years, we've hosted the A&E Challenge, a friendly competition between the local A&E firms with stiff bragging rights at stake.

A total of three trophies are awarded for most miles ridden after a miles-to-trips ratio is determined through a “fancy” formula; we promise "fancy" does not mean "SvR wins." Honorable mentions are awarded certificates or gift cards as a thank you for their commitment to the challenge.

Celebrating the A&E Challenge’s fifth year, we're proud to say that we brought home the gold(en helmet);  Miller Hull, in second, earned the silver seat and Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, a new firm to the challenge, took home the brass pedals.

Thanks to all of the teams that participated: AEI, Aspect Consulting, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (BCJ), Gray & Osborne, HBB, Johnson/Southerland, LMN Architects, Miller Hull, Notkin, Rushing, SRG Partnership, SvR Design, and ZGF.


A/E Bike-to-Work Challenge

For the second consecutive year, SvR hosted the A/E Bike-to-Work Challenge. The challenge ran during May, encouraging employees to commute to work by bicycle. Twenty-two Puget Sound-area architectural and engineering firms competed this year for the Golden Helmet Award, which is awarded based on a formula that includes: total miles ridden; percentage of firm participants; and percentage of trips made. The 22 firms fielded 368 riders who commuted 43,075 miles by bike during May. At the month’s end, awards were given for the firm with the highest percentage of riders, the top three individual riders, and the firm with the highest adjusted score.

In this year’s challenge, SD Architects won the Firm with the Highest Percentage of Riders award. SD Architects had three out of four employees riding to work in May or 75 percent of the office. Runner ups included SvR and BOLA Architecture + Planning.

The top rider in the Challenge was Notkin Mechanical Engineers’ Igor Rozanski at 1,018 miles. Other top riders included Chris Robertson of Shannon and Wilson at 854.7 miles, and Joe Llona, formerly of TetraTech, at 768.5 miles.

The 2008 winner of the Golden Helmet is SvR, also last year’s winner, with an adjusted score of 1,763.06 miles. In May, SvR rode 4,462 miles in 682 trips with 32 out of 43 employees commuting by bicycle. LMN was runner up with an adjusted score of 761.13 miles followed by Mithun with an adjusted score of 756.92 miles.