Bell Street Park Art + Activation Plan: First Open House


With the recently renovated Bell Street Park, between First and Fifth Avenues, the community is excited to activate the space and make it their own. There were several successful events this summer, among them the Out to Lunch Series and Belltown Crush Party, and the community would like to see more. The next task is to identify ways in which users of the Park would like to see the streetscape enlivened and used to its full capabilities through inspired programming, art interventions and events.

Stakeholders kicked off this project with the first of three open houses at the Belltown Community Center on Monday evening, with cheese and wine and a lot of great ideas from members of the community! Jane Savard (Project Manager, Friends of Bell Street Park) introduced the stakeholders and welcomed everyone, and Nate Cormier (Principal in Charge, SvR) and Amanda Bailey (Project Manger, SvR) described the street/park design and engaged a dialogue about the process of gathering input via idea boards, a map of Bell Street Park, and comment cards to catch ideas in a variety of formats. There was a high level of energy and positive attitudes as ideas were pondered and shared around the room! Thanks to all who contributed!

If you would like to provide ideas or keep tabs on the progress of this project, you can go to the Friends of Bell Street Park website: