A helmet, a bike seat and some pedals walk into an office...

I’d like to thank the 185 riders across 16 A/E firms for their participation in May’s Bike to Work Challenge. The award luncheon was held today (June 25th) at SvR.

Honorable Mentions:

  • New & Full Time Riders
  • Toole and Alta for 100% participation and
  • The Watershed Company along with Brown & Caldwell for surviving their first year in the competition

2013 Trophy Winners:

  • Golden Helmet – Miller|Hull
  • Silver Seat – SvR
  • Bronze Pedals – Aspect

I’m already looking forward to next year; hopefully we’ll see some new riders and can send the trophies off to new firms! Keep riding Puget Sound!

Miller|Hull Trophy

2013 Golden Helmet winners – Miller|Hull