Weekly Reading: Our Visual Culture

A curated selection of visual inspration this week. Enjoy! The pheonomenal blog, Iconic Photos, explores the untold story behind some of photography's greatest achievements. Beware: time sink. Ansel Adams' Moonrise, Hernandez is below. spacer A few weeks ago, Peter Cromwell, a UW MLA candidate, came by the office to present his research findings about how cycling can be a cultural act. His work is a fascinating reframing of something many predominantly think of as recreation or transportation. Check out his video below.

spacer And speaking of biking as a cultural act, yesterday was Bike to School Day and the good folks over at Seattle Bike Blog made a movie of Bryant Elementary's Ride/Party. Go Bryant Elementary! spacer What is beauty? A landscape, it turns out.

spacer We have an abiding interest in multi-use urban spaces. But this video of a farmers market in Thailand may set the bar too high. spacer Justin found this lovely video vignette of kids playing in NYC from 1948. Lenore Skenazy would be proud. In the Street (1948) by Lost_Shangri_La_Horizon spacer An online map library with 38,000 historical maps? Yes please. spacer StreetFilms pops a hole in transportation funding gospel. spacer Finally, photos that make waves turn into ice. Gorgeous.