Weekly Reading: Big Trees, Small Homes, and Legalized Sustainability

Sightline's Alan Durning offers ten stories, above, about how communities can Legalize Sustainablility by addressing laws that impede triple-bottom line results.

Also from Sightline, contributor, and friend, Alyse Nelson takes us on a photographic tour of how to Live Large in Small Houses.

Over on Slate, they ask, "Are greens fighting themselves?" pitting eco-pragmatists against "traditional" environmentalists.  

With a name like “Trees are Freaking Awesome!” how could we resist this YouTube video that explains how trees are able to get water 300 feet into the air without creating a perfect vacuum.

Live in Seattle? For a short time, you can sign up for the new car-sharing service Car2Go for free.

Did you know that the “Walk-All-Way” intersection (aka the scramble) is called the Barnes Dance in its hometown of New York City? It’s all about the history.

We heard there was an apocalypse today. Don't be disappointed, we missed it too. If you want to know a bit more about the Mayan calendar and why today may actually not be the end of the current cycle (we're as surprised as you!) then check out this website dedicated to all things Mayan.

But what do the Maya have to do with me, today, we hear you asking. To illuminate some of the similarities, check out the the environmental challenges the Maya faced compared with those we are facing today (and why we might learn from past mistakes):

And of course, happy Holidays!