Holiday Shopping for Engineers, Landscape Architects and Planners

I'm suggesting everyone pick up a copy of Alex Steffen's Carbon Zero on Kindle and Jeff Speck's newest Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time.

Amanda suggests The Works: the Anatomy of the City noting that she likes how it depicts "the inner workings of city infrastructure"

Noting the fact that they're local and use upcycled materials (the awesomeness of recycled bike tires never ceases to amaze), Justin makes the case for a belt from Alchemy Goods.

Kim, thinking of all of her cycling co-workers navigating the streets on these dark wintry months, thinks the BikeGlow Bicycle Safety Light would be awesome for someone's stocking.

David suggests a build-it-yourself CNC assembly kit. Talk about a catch 22; if he had the CNC already, he wouldn't have to order it. Maybe we'll get him one and he can use it to make us more.

Knowing that public meetings and presentations are always part of a great professional's skill set, a modest little book, Presentation Zen will help everyone learn better presenting techniques.

Peg had a laundry list---tree labels,  gloves,  lopers,  a great pencil,  walking shoes,  camera,  measuring tape---but the one that got us laughing thinking about the scene Christmas morning was this one: a bag of compost.  Locally, Cedar Grove is a great bet.

And if you want to splurge a bit , the Williams-Sonoma Chicken Coops were high on Regina's list.