Design Waller Creek Finalist

Design Waller Creek selected the Turenscape + Lake|Flato team, including SvR, to be one of four finalists in a competition to design a new world-class urban open space corridor in Austin, Texas. Turenscape of Beijing ( is internationally recognized for its expertise in revitalizing urban waterfronts through innovative and ecological landscape design. Lake|Flato of San Antonio ( is an AIA National Firm Award winner and its architecture has been lauded for its responsiveness to climate, landscape and the regional vernacular.

Building on past collaborations in international competitions, SvR and Turenscape have formed a strategic partnership to facilitate Turenscape’s work in the United States. For Waller Creek, SvR’s Nate Cormier is the Turenscape + Lake|Flato team’s project manager and SvR’s Peg Staeheli is the team’s green infrastructure design lead.

The competition’s first stage selected 9 lead design pairs from dozens of portfolios received. The second stage winnowed these 9 to 4 teams based on full team qualifications, management plans, and April interviews with a distinguished jury that includes Seattle’s Rich Haag. In the third, and final, stage these 4 teams have been directed to develop detailed design concepts for public display and presentations to the Jury in October of 2012.

The Waller Creek Conservancy has committed to raising $50-60 million for the implementation of the first phase of the winning proposal. We’re looking forward to an inspiring summer of fast-paced design workshops in Austin, Beijing, San Antonio and Seattle. You can learn more at