The Resilient River

Aerial view looking North It's been an exciting couple of months while we've been working on our design as part of the Turenscape Team, one of four finalist teams in the Minneapolis Riverfront Design Competition. The events really got going with a site visit back in November coupled with some great design sessions both on-site and back here in our office in Seattle followed by close collaboration via the world wide web and finally a gathering in Beijing before it all came to a close at the end of January when all of the finalists presented their designs in Minneapolis. The full presentation held at the Walker Art Center can be viewed here and the final movie the guides the viewer through our design can be viewed below.

Turenscape from MRDC on Vimeo.

Our team's design seeks to heal the riverfront as a place of critical ecological importance, as well as a place for working and living. Where the Mississippi River has been an excuse for dividing neighborhoods and peoples, we desire a place where people can come together. Our mission is to complete and renew the Minneapolis park system vision based on our understanding of new challenges, new knowledge, and new technologies, to recover the full potential of the Upper Riverfront and give it back to the city. We will make full use of the landscape as a productive, ecological infrastructure for enhancing social equality, generating economic vitality, and regaining cultural identity.

Perkins Hill Skywalk

The Resilient River is a framework for transforming the Upper Riverfront over time. Of course, the Resilient River could recover in countless ways, but we describe in our proposal one potential future and a path to get there. We offer a bold vision in order to ignite the imagination and ambition necessary to take the first challenging steps.

Aerial view looking south