From Tour of California to SvR and Back Again

Over at Bicycle Paper, there is a very nice profile of our own Phil Miller.  In addition to chronicling Phil's rise in the ranks of bicycle officials, they note:

Miller left the County in 1999 to work as a consultant. While his work has taken him around the United States and Canada, he is proudest of being part of the team that developed the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan, which was completed in 2007. During this project he met the staff at SvR Design and decided to join the firm.

Throughout his career, he has been a strong advocate for bikes as an integral part of the transportation system, but he says, “I’m not that much of a wild-eyed radical type. Especially as I’ve gotten older, I’m more of a pragmatist ... I like to find workable, implementable solutions rather than lead the philosophical charge. What I love about SvR is the opportunity to work with motivated, energetic professionals in many disciplines — landscape architecture, planning, engineering — who aren’t satisfied with stock solutions to planning and design issues.”

As if being a top-level bike official on top of a full-time job isn’t enough, Miller just completed his first year as a member of the Redmond Planning Commission. He says, “Getting involved in public decisions is something people should do ... Redmond will change in a big way. It can be done well or the city can be savaged. We have to keep working on it — and being a citizen has always to me meant getting involved and sharing opinions — and ultimately building consensus. For a bike advocate, it’s great to take my viewpoints and opinions beyond bike/ped advisory committees and into a bigger arena. This is where advocacy becomes law, law becomes policy, and policy generates projects.

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