Street of the Week No.5: Ronda, Spain

Street in Ronda, Spain Ronda is a small city in the mountains of southern Spain, about 60 miles from the city of Málaga, and boasts the oldest bullfighting ring in the country as well as the famous arching bridges that span the canyon of the Guadalevín River, uniting the two halves of the city.

While it's breathtaking views and stunning landscape draw tourists inland from the Mediterranean beaches, it's mountainous location often poses interesting accessibility and stormwater issues making for some fascinating street designs. This particular street attempts to inch it's way up the hill while at the same time providing an accessible ramp and access to the front doors of the stepped houses. Sometimes it works, although the accessibility only works in one direction at a time so the user must be aware of where they are going or they could end up hitting a step in the middle of the ramp.

Street in Ronda, Spain